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What the Queen of Soul can teach about social CRM

It’s Father’s Day weekend and what does this week’s roundup have for all the dads? Potpourri! Yeah, we know, that sounds even worse than another tie. But we mean it more like the Jeopardy! category — a blend of disparate pieces of information that are simply interesting to know (and are much cooler than fragrant flower buds and woodchips.) For example:

 This company turned heads this week by making some of its own e-books available to other retailers. 

 Give employees a little of this — à la Aretha Franklin — if you you want them to excel at social CRM.

 Read on for the correct questions to these answers and more. Enjoy!

  • It’s no big management secret that employees do better when they feel respected, but what you may not have considered how important this is to social CRM.
  • The e-book you want you might not be able to get, depending on your e-reader. Or maybe you can get it, but you can’t get the print version if you go to certain stores. Advantage: library.
  • Kids these days! A dad who is also a storage pro talks about why he wants big data and cloud to get off his lawn. You’ll read this if you know what’s good for you.
  • It may be a little more Maxwell Smart than James Bond cool, but kudos to the latest innovation in pen-related tech.
  • And finally, love makes the world go round — so it makes sense that Google wants to control it. Oh Google, we kid because we love.
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