With tech innovation, countries starting out with less are doing more

When is the last time you actually dedicated time to innovative thinking? If it’s taking you a while to answer (or you don’t have time to remember because you’re too busy working), you’re not alone; and it might not be your fault. This week’s roundup of bits from around the Web includes two interesting looks at innovation — reasons why you may not have time for it and places where innovation is the only option. Plus, could your Facebook profile help save a life?

When it comes to tech innovation, a lot of managers talk the talk, but relatively few give their workers time to walk the walk.

Poorer countries are proving that starting with less can be a springboard to tech innovation. Case in point: How India and some African nations — places with little legacy telephony infrastructure — are revolutionizing mobile banking.

You’re willing to share your favorite movies and pictures of your cat, but will you share your organ donor status on Facebook? Experts in the field of organ donation say this bold step in social media could make a world of difference for those in need.

As with any study, we take this with a grain of salt and consider the source, but it’s still a little unsettling to hear the suggestion that 90% of websites using Secure Sockets Layer encryption aren’t entirely secure.

Can you speak up? I’m wearing long sleeves. When art and technology mingle, the resulting body of work can be a little strange.

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