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Our newest podcasts

An innovation management approach where ideas don't go to die
Intuit's innovation leader shares his best practices for sustaining innovation management, serial disruption and a culture of innovation.

Business service management software and tools for IT service delivery
Learn how business service management software and tools can help better align IT with the business and improve governance and service delivery.

BPM tool selection: Strategies for success
Get the most out of your BPM tools. Learn how to assess your business and technical needs and choose the best vendor and tool to meet your BPM needs.

Business software

On-demand business intelligence solutions: Five issues to consider
In this expert podcast, Wayne Eckerson offers five tips for considering an on-demand BI implementation, including costs, technical integration requirements and more.

BI tools vs. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
In this podcast, our expert discusses the differences between BI tools and Excel spreadsheets and how they can be used together in the enterprise to gather and analyze data.

Best practices for data warehouse mergers
This podcast offers expert advice for CIOs on data warehouse management with a merger or acquisition.

Five ways to streamline your application development process
CIOs are under constant pressure to deliver custom development projects to meet business goals. In this podcast, our expert will offer advice to CIOs on how to use their resources to successfully work with the business to recommend, manage and deliver on application development projects.

SOA implementation expert advice
SOA implemention has caught the interest of CIOs. This expert podcast series focuses on the state of SOA, the vendor market and consolidation, and the total architecture.

How to get the most out of a software licensing agreement
What can happen if you mess up negotiations for your next big software vendor contract? The total loss of your contract, for one, cautions an expert. Falling out of compliance and paying for the wrong software are other consequences.

Data centers and virtualization

Creating a green IT plan
Green IT has become more important to companies and CIOs -- but how do you get started? Get tips in this podcast.

How desktop virtualization can lower computing costs
How much can desktop virtualization lower your maintenance costs for desktop computing? This podcast discusses specific ways to cut costs through desktop virtualization.

Making the business case for WAN optimization
Wide area network (WAN) optimization can provide faster network response times, and pay for itself in less than a year. Learn how to justify optimizing your WAN in this podcast.

Mobile data protection options for enterprise CIOs
What mobile data protection tools and options are available to safeguard mobile devices that could potentially be lost or stolen? Find out here.

Virtualization management tools: Ready for prime time?
Virtualization management tools help enterprise CIOs address virtual server sprawl, workload balancing and other issues. Learn about costs and options.

VoIP vulnerabilities: Why firewall protection is not enough
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems need to be protected by more than just firewalls. Learn more in this podcast.

Creating a backup and disaster recovery plan for remote employees
Data backup and disaster recovery planning are difficult tasks in the best of circumstances -- mobile devices and remote employees can make things even more complicated. Learn how to manage critical data and get more tips in this podcast.

Disaster recovery budgeting and recovery time objectives
If your website is down, what's the cost to your business? Learn more about disaster recovery budgeting and recovery time objectives in this expert podcast.

10 essential steps to include in a disaster recovery plan
No one is ever fully prepared for a disaster, regardless of what type it is. Hurricane Katrina was one test of whether IT disaster recovery plans were sufficient. This expert podcast offers 10 essential steps CIOs need to include in a DR plan that will hold up through any disaster.

IT and business management

Career advice for CIOs: Four qualities of a leader and more
Looking for a job or just want to boost your standings? Companies want CIOs who can leverage their IT investments for greater automation, value and risk management, says a CIO recruiter.

The challenges of a state CIO during an economic recession
Anne Margulies, state CIO of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, discusses the challenges of investing in new technology, while keeping an IT infrastructure running smoothly.

CIO advice: IT strategies in a bad economy
CIOs should consider re-evaluating their IT strategies in this economy. Get advice on addressing ROI, innovating and achieving project success in this podcast.

CIO resumé refresher best practices
Martha Heller, of the IT leadership practice at Z Resource Group, offers CIOs candid advice on hard topics and sensitive issues, as well as simple steps to crafting a winning resumé.

Common mistakes in a CIO interview: Tips for job seekers
Interviewing for a new job? CIO recruiter Shawn Banerji says you need to know about "competency-based" interviewing. Also, learn mistakes to avoid.

Five ways to justify a CMDB implementation
A CMDB is essential to any large enterprise's IT Service Management plan. Here are five tried and true justifications for deploying a CMDB.

Get the most out of your lean BPM solution
The demand for BPM solutions is up and budgets are down. Learn how specific lean BPM tools can help streamline your processes and reduce costs.

ITIL podcast series: ITIL certification, processes, change management
In this expert podcast series, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) consultant Larry Killingsworth highlights the latest trends on ITIL certification, change management and more.

Mastercard CIO Rob Reeg on project portfolio management
Priceless: IT and the business are simpatico at MasterCard Worldwide. Rob Reeg tells why he's having so much fun at the nation's No. 2 payment system.

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