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Cloud Cruiser is a vendor that offers cost-analtyics software for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud computing environments. The goal of Cloud Cruiser software is to help customers monitor and control how much money they are spending on cloud deployments across heterogeneous IT environments. The software provides customers with financial intelligence and well as chargeback and multi-tenant cloud billing capabilities.

Cloud Cruiser is most closely associated with helping customers identify the actual costs of deploying application workloads on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Compute although the software is also compatible with Rackspace, VMware and OpenStack. In 2016, the vendor released Cloud Cruiser 16, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of Cloud Cruiser.

Cloud Cruiser's software consists of two major components delivered as one product offering: Cloud Cruiser Insights and Cloud Cruiser Foundations. Insights is a recommendation engine that analyzes the cloud environments, generates suggestions for efficiencies to reduce costs and provides alerts when a budget is close to being reached or exceeded. Foundations collects raw data from the organization's cloud deployments and allows the customer to map consumption to a particular business group, department, geography, datacenter, tower or project. Both components can be viewed through a single pane of glass in an interactive, customizable Dashboard.

Other tools and resources provided by Cloud Cruiser include:

  • Cloud Cruiser TCO Tool: Assists with calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a cloud deployment.
  • Cloud Cruiser ROI Calculator: Analyzes an organization's three-year return on investment (ROI) for a cloud deployment. This tool is meant to be used alongside the Cloud Cruiser TCO Tool.
  • Cloud Pilot Checklist: Gives organizations a list of requirements and considerations for deploying a cloud computing pilot project.

For users who don't require high levels of customization, Cloud Cruiser offers CloudSmart-Now, a set of pre-configured templates with built-in workflows for tracking cloud services costs and usage. As of this writing, CloudSmart-Now can be used with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Windows Azure Pack (WAP), VMware and OpenStack.

Cloud Cruiser was founded in 2010 by David Zabrowski and Gregory Howard, and its headquarters are in San Jose, California. 

This was last updated in January 2016

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