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Keep SaaS backup at the front of your data protection plan

Organizations are turning to cloud-based software-as-a-service platforms as a way to 'SaaS-ify' their workloads. In fact, it would be hard to find many businesses that aren't using at least one major SaaS platform -- such as Salesforce, G Suite, Box and Microsoft Office 365 -- for their data. But how are managers protecting that data?

Some organizations may think SaaS data backup isn't worth the trouble, while others may not realize that it's needed. For example, an IT manager at a recent conference admitted in a public breakout session that he's not backing up his organization's Gmail. And a recent survey of 1,000 IT professionals and business executives conducted by security and backup vendor Barracuda found that only 16% of companies back up the data in their SaaS applications.

But if you back up all your on-premises data, you should ensure that the data generated by your SaaS platforms is adequately backed up as well.

It's still an emerging technology, but there are a number of SaaS data backup products available. This handbook explores the trends complicating SaaS data backup, implementation challenges and best practices when dealing with this crucial process.

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