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September 2018, Vol. 17, No. 6

Backup snapshots and replication supplement standard backup

Organizations expect IT to recover from any disaster quickly and without data loss. Traditional backup software and hardware can't meet these expectations, so IT has been forced to look elsewhere. Enter backup snapshots and replication, an alternative to standard backups. The snapshot and replication combination should enable IT to provide both the rapid data protection and recovery desired by higher-ups -- at least in theory. The problem is holes in this strategy don't let organizations completely replace traditional backups. Let's delve into the shortcomings and then explore what IT can do about them to effectively incorporate backup snapshots and replication technology into a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery plan. The problems with backup snapshots Just about every storage system, operating system and hypervisor has some form of snapshot technology built into it. However, IT professionals considering using the technology for data protection must understand the capabilities of their particular snapshot ...

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