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Test your knowledge of ransomware backup best practices

New ransomware that specifically targets backups can make it difficult to ensure data is safe. Take our quiz to test your knowledge about ransomware backup.

Recent ransomware attacks that target backup have proved to many in the IT community one alarming truth: Not even backups are safe.

Performing regularly documented backups is still a great way to protect data if a ransomware attack hits. However, as cyber attack groups evolve, ransomware backup best practices must evolve with them. Security of backups has become a dire issue as ransomware gets smarter. Some ransomware groups have begun to specifically target backups in their attacks to prevent data recovery.

With all the options for backup, from legacy platforms such as tape, to newer options like cloud, admins are -- or should be -- asking themselves, "Are my backups safe from ransomware?"

Take our quiz to find out more about the new age of ransomware backup best practices. See where your backup strategy may be falling short in keeping ransomware out.

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