Solve the startup error 00161 and 00163 with IBM TP600?

Error 00161 on an IBM TP600 may be due to a faulty CMOS battery, and 00163 may relate to your version of utility PS2 EXE.

With an IBM TP600, how can I solve the startup error 00161 and 00163? I guess it's related to the BIOS. Thanks for your help.

For the 00161 error:

The CMOS Backup battery may be faulty. If this is not the problem, then you can try reinitializing the BIOS using the following procedure.

WARNING: This will undo any hardware configuration changes since purchase, and may disable hardware that was added later.

ThinkPad 340,355,360,365X/XD,380,385,560,600,750,755,760,765,770 (365 system specific models: 1E9, 2E9, 2R9, 3E9, 3R9, 4E9, 4R9, 6E3, 6E7, 6R3, 7E7,DEE, DEF, EEF, ERF, FE9, FR9, GE9, GR9.)

1. Make sure the ThinkPad is turned OFF.
2. Hold down F1 and power the ThinkPad ON.
3. Click on CONFIG.
4. Click on INITIALIZE.
5. Click on OK.
6. Click on EXIT.
7. Click on RESTART.
8. Click on OK. This will restart the ThinkPad.

For the 00163 error:

Is it possible that the wrong version of PS2.EXE is being used? Check to ensure that the proper utilities are loaded. To review some of this information or for additional details, please go to the IBM Web Site. From here click on Products & Services, then select Notebooks.

After you get to this screen click on Support, then Lenovo ThinkPads. From here, select "Contact Support" from the top row and you'll get into an online assistant that may help you get some answers.

Gerhard Adam, President, SYSPRO Inc.

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