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Organizations are in a seemingly perpetual race -- and at an ever-quickening pace -- to become more customer-facing and customer-centric, agile and elastic, and data-driven and automated. Every business is on the hunt for new opportunities to be found in their own versions of multi- and omni-channel digital marketing. Internet of Things (and Everything), mobility and wearables technology and apps, streaming rich-media and interactive content, data harvesting, lakes and analytics, 3D printing and robotics, telehealth, and soon, autonomous vehicles... the list of things driving digital transformation keeps growing -- from zettabytes to yottabytes. "Mud-to-cloud", data centre infrastructure and foundation services are what make all possible.

The Greater Toronto Area -- DatacenterDynamics' Canadian home for seven years now -- is one of those rare places on the planet where digital disruption and transformation happens, and the economic growth and change that it causes. And all of it is the stuff of the DatacenterDynamic’s Canada event because everything today is ultimately dependent on digital networks and data centres. Everything today depends upon data centre and cloud infrastructure and foundation services. Few regional data centre industry markets on the planet are more important to digital enterprise transformation than the GTA region.

From "mud to cloud", DCD Canada covers the full ecosystem of how enterprise data centres are being redefined and how the economics of digital business, IT, and data centre service delivery is being reshaped in Canada and the world.

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