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May 10, 2021

A layered approach to container and Kubernetes security

Containers have garnered broad appeal through their ability to package an application and its dependencies into a single image that can be promoted from development, to test, and to production. Containers make it easy to ensure consistency across environments and across multiple deployment targets like physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), and private or public clouds. With containers, teams can more easily develop and manage the applications that deliver business agility. When managing container deployment at scale, you need to consider: Which containers should be deployed to which hosts? Which host has more capacity? Which containers need access to each other and how will they discover each other? How do you control access to and management of shared resources such as network and storage? How do you monitor container health? How do you automatically scale application capacity to meet demand? How do you enable developer self-service while also meeting security requirements? Building security into your applications is ...

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