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May 10, 2021

How to move legacy applications to containers and Kubernetes

Many organizations have successful initial public cloud projects, but they are primarily new greenfield application projects carefully chosen as good candidates for running in the public cloud. As a result of these successes, IT organizations are attracted to the elasticity, scalability, and speed of deployment that cloud computing offers. By using cloud technology, IT organizations can more quickly respond to developer and line-of-business demands. Legacy applications are not typically considered for public cloud deployments because of security, regulatory, data locality, or performance concerns. Many legacy apps were written before cloud computing, so it might seem simpler to leave them deployed on existing infrastructure. However, that decision can create bottlenecks for organizations trying to modernize. Efforts to become more responsive while reducing costs cannot succeed without addressing legacy applications, because keeping these applications running often accounts for the majority of IT costs. Containers are a key ...

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