Red Hat Enterprise Linux automation & management

See how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can standardize deployment at scale with automation and management solutions.

Automation is key for IT optimization and digital transformation initiatives. Modern, dynamic environments can scale faster when IT processes are automated, reducing the number of manual tasks and creating consistent and repeatable system configurations to reduce technical burdens and enable streamlined administration. Our customers tell us they need a more comprehensive strategy for deploying and administering a system at scale, and that is what Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® delivers.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides consistent controls across bare-metal, virtual, hybrid cloud, and edge environments to ensure the administrative experience is the same, no matter where it is deployed. Automation and streamlined management capabilities are built-into the operating system to help you avoid ongoing maintenance and operations that can become disruptive, labor-intensive, and expensive. 

Automate manual tasks, standardize deployment at scale, and simplify day-to-day administration
With Red Hat Enterprise Linux automation and management capabilities, you get a consistent and stable administrative experience to streamline the deployment and management of the operating system. A combination of automated, repeatable workflows and web-based Linux administration allow administrators to spend more time on innovation and less time on repetitive tasks. You can also optimize your strategy to deploy and manage operations efficiently across your preferred infrastructure.

  • Automate: Streamline the deployment and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with advanced automation.
  • Standardize: Save time and add consistency when deploying systems at scale with an image builder tool and workflows.
  • Simplify: Take advantage of simplified, web-based Linux administration that is intuitive, robust, and extendable.

Additional automation and management solutions such as Red Hat Insights and subscription watch are included with all active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions.

  • Red Hat Insights: Analyze Red Hat Enterprise Linux running across both hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructures, making it easier to identify, prioritize, and resolve vulnerability and operational risks before business operations are affected.
  • Subscription watch: Get an account-level view of your subscription use over time. Subscription watch shows you which subscriptions are in use and how many subscriptions of each type you have purchased.

Find out more about how Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides you the control, confidence, and freedom to better manage your systems across your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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