Transform your organization with containers

Red Hat and Microsoft provide a production-ready, containerized environment with a hybrid cloud foundation.

As technology advances, customer demand for digital services grows. To meet these expectations, many organizations are modernizing their IT environments with cloud-native infrastructure and approaches. Using emerging technologies and cultural innovation, organizations can deliver dynamic, personalized digital customer experiences while improving internal business practices.

Successful modernization requires evolution in applications, processes, and infrastructure. New application architectures enable fast, flexible delivery of new features to accelerate business value. Agile business processes improve operational efficiency and speed response to changing market conditions. Cloud-based infrastructure allows organizations to better control costs and take advantage of emerging innovation. Containers are a key technology for IT modernization and optimization.

Adopt containers with Red Hat and Microsoft

Red Hat and Microsoft provide a production-ready, containerized environment with a hybrid cloud foundation. Shown in Figure 2, Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments. It is optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation. Self-service capabilities let you develop, deploy, and manage traditional and container-based applications seamlessly across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Advanced security features help protect your containerized environment by preventing tenants from compromising other containers or the underlying host.

Spanning more than 60 regions, Microsoft Azure is a global network of some of the world’s largest datacenters. It integrates seamlessly with your on-site datacenter and provides a comprehensive set of cloud services for building, deploying, and managing container-based applications. More than 70 compliance offerings help you keep resources in alignment with regulations and policies. Additionally, Microsoft Azure Security Center supplies a central view of your Azure resources to aid in threat detection and mitigation. Azure Active Directory provides identity governance and access management that work seamlessly with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Together, the native high-availability features of Microsoft Azure and the advanced application management capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform create a reliable, stable container-ready environment. The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform interface lets you easily create and deploy applications on Microsoft Azure using Linux-based microservices. Migrating on-site development and test environments to a container-ready environment can also improve performance, flexibility, and control.

Red Hat and Microsoft offer two deployment options for running Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure. Organizations with container experience or strict control requirements can build and manage their installation themselves. Organizations that lack the time, resources, or experience to build their own environment can take advantage of Azure Red Hat OpenShift, a jointly engineered and fully managed deployment of Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure.

Finally, Red Hat and Microsoft deliver the resources needed for IT modernization, including an integrated, enterprise-grade support system for Red Hat solutions running on Microsoft Azure. You gain access to support staff from both Red Hat and Microsoft, an integrated ticketing system, powerful portal integration, and a seamless, coordinated escalation and resolution process. And you can customize your IT environment through a large ecosystem of certified partner solutions and extensive community of partners and experts.

To compete in a digital world, organizations across industries are adopting new approaches to applications, processes, and infrastructure. Red Hat and Microsoft offer an enterprise-grade, container-ready hybrid cloud environment that lets you use agile development processes to quickly build and deploy the modern, microservice-based applications your customers demand.

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