HiveIO releases Hive Fabric virtualization framework update

Hive Fabric 7.3 has four main updates. New features enable admins to install GPUs, control acceleration, add multiple defined networks and manage server memory.

HiveIO has released the latest version of Hive Fabric, which includes new features such as graphics acceleration, software-defined networking, configurable in-memory storage and a support system called Hive Sense.

Hive Fabric version 7.3 is an update to the AI-ready framework that enables organizations to deploy virtualization technology without vendor complexity or specialists. According to HiveIO, it will give Hive Fabric users increased operational capabilities to reduce the time necessary to support a virtualization environment.

The software uses the Kernel-based Virtual Machine hypervisor, virtual desktop management and software-defined storage and networking to create an all-in-one virtualization software. HiveIO claims this eliminates the need for a multivendor, multicontract approach.

The new features within the 7.3 update are:

  • Graphics acceleration: Administrators can now install GPUs inside of Hive Fabric-enabled servers and then turn the acceleration on or off with one click. Graphics acceleration is available via GPU sharing or GPU pass-through and supports Nvidia, ATI and Intel.
  • Software-defined networking: Administrators can add multiple physical and virtual software-defined networks, enabling them to separate traffic and guarantee bandwidth for desktops and applications.
  • Configurable in-memory storage: The software-defined storage capability extends to managing server memory, which enables allocation to either storage or memory for virtual machines. Different allocations are possible on every server.
  • Hive Sense: Hive Sense is part of HiveIO Support, which enables HiveIO to support customers by sending logs, metrics and configuration information back to the company. According to HiveIO, this reduces the time needed to collect logs so engineers can resolve issues faster.

Hive Fabric uses a message bus and UI to show an all-encompassing view of a data center and its connected components in real time. Hive Fabric 7.3 is available now.

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