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The Scale Computing HC3 HCI platform targets SMB and ROBO market

Source:  Scale Computing
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

The Scale Computing HC3 HCI platform is aimed at midsize businesses and organizations that support significant remote office or branch office (ROBO) networks.

Scale is among a few companies that use the KVM hypervisor as the core of its HCI platform. The Scale Computing Reliable Independent Block Engine, or Scribe, uses a variety of techniques to ensure reliable and consistent storage services that provide the performance necessary for your workloads.

Scale is designed for small and medium-sized deployments or for large distributed deployments, such as local supermarkets. These deployments do not need a rack of 50 servers but need just enough infrastructure to run point-of-sale, security and other ancillary systems. This type of deployment does not have local IT staff but needs sufficiently reliable infrastructure that stays up and running, while also backing itself up to headquarters.

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