The importance of WAN optimization technology in disaster recovery programs

Listen to this podcast to find out the benefits of WAN optimization, how WAN optimization can help with DR and the future of WAN optimization in DR.

Wide-area network (WAN) optimization technology is used to maximize the data flow across a WAN. The goal of WAN optimization is to increase the speed of access to critical applications and information. But what are some benefits to WAN optimization? How does WAN optimization help in disaster recovery (DR) programs?

Paul Kirvan, secretary of the Business Continuity Institute and a business continuity (BC) consultant explains how WAN optimization technology can help with disaster recovery. "A key requirement of networks is moving applications and data from production to protected storage," said Kirvan. "The faster you can move these assets from production to a secure onsite or offsite data storage facility, the more likely you'll be able to achieve your recovery point objectives (RPOs). Backing up laptops and data from branch offices and other systems are additional reasons to optimize network performance." He also added that WAN optimization can help speed up the recovery process, reducing the time needed to return to normal operations.

But can WAN optimization be enhanced further? What products or features enhance the performance of WAN optimization?

Riverbed Technology recently announced the release of their Steelhead 7050 appliance, an appliance where the primary data store resides totally on high-speed solid state drives (SSDs). Furthermore, the device optimizes up to 100,000 concurrent TCP connections and utilizes up to four 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) network interface cards. According to Kirvan, both of these features can enhance WAN optimization by minimizing disk access time, boosting the speed necessary to handle heavy workloads and can shorten the time required to move data across the WAN.

In this podcast, Nik Rouda, director of product marketing at Riverbed Technology, and Paul Kirvan discuss WAN optimization for disaster recovery, features that can improve WAN optimization and also anticipate what the future of WAN optimization technology might look like.

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WAN optimization technology for disaster recovery
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