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Build 17763.55 Fixes USB Issues

A USB gotcha appeared among various woes in the wake of the initial 1809 release of Windows 10 (Build 17763.1). Having finally had time to test, I’m pleased to report that Build 17763.55 fixes USB issues. USB 3.0 devices, including drives and hubs, showed up in 17763.1 as USB 2.1. Now, they show up as USB 3.0 just as they should, with performance to match. My source for this info comes from Uwe Sieber’s excellent USB Device Tree Viewer utility:

Notice the (yes) value for Usb300. Note also confirmation that the drive is operating at SuperSpeed.

Further Proof: Build 17763.55 Fixes USB Issues

Further examination of other named fields in output from Sieber’s tool confirms USB 3.0 capability across the board. Interested users of the tool will find ample confirmation (or rebuttal) of USB 3.0 capability in the following fields, by name, for devices they check:

  • Connection Information V2 (source for screenshot)
  • Device Descriptor
  • SuperSpeed Endpoint Companion Descriptor
  • SuperSpeed USB Device Capability Descriptor

Further examination of driver information in Device Manager shows a series of 2018 dates for my PC’s ASMedia Root Hub, ASMedia USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller, Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller, and USB Root Hub. The first two (ASMedia) show July 2018 dates, and the last two (Intel) show September 2018 dates. All are now current. In addition, their information squares with current/latest USB driver information from the always-informative and reliable USB driver info at And finally, quick performance checks using CrystalDiskMark show that USB 3.0 drives (HDs and SSDs alike) are back in their usual ballparks. Thankfully: case closed!

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