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MS Posts New Win10 1809 Group Policy Reference

Earlier this month, MS posted a complete set of Group Policy settings for 1809. Grab this document from the Microsoft Download Center. It shows up as an Excel file named Windows10andWindowsServer2019PolicySettings--1809.xlsx. As MS posts new Win10 1809 Group policy reference, it offers information about 4,241 entries.

This innocuous download is 708KB in size, but contains a wealth of useful and informative data about policies admins can use to manage and control Windows.

Each line in the spreadsheet identifies:

  • New in Windows: Version Number when item was added
  • File name: the administrative template file (.admx) in which it is defined
  • Policy setting name: official name for policy setting
  • Scope: where the policy applies (Machine or User)
  • Policy Path (object path in GP editor where the policy resides)
  • Registry info (the full registry path for corresponding registry values)
  • Help text: a brief explanation of what the policy is for, or is intended to achieve

When MS Posts New Win10 1809 Group Policy Reference, Grab It!

This information is useful for more than the policies it enumerates and describes. Because Win10 Home doesn’t include a Group Policy editor, it provides vital clues that Home users can chase down for managing their PCs. Thus,the corresponding registry settings are worth their weight in gold. They point at areas in that organic and complex data collection where investigation and experiment can be fruitful.

Please note, the details that appear on the download page are incorrect. They show a date of October 17, 2017, filename


and a size of 692 KB. As downloaded, filename Windows10andWindowsServer2019PolicySettings--1809.xlsx, date is October 2, 2018, and file size is 708 KB. Inspection quickly shows it makes reference to 1809 and earlier Win10 versions, so it’s the real deal.

Grab a copy today, please, and start digging in. In fact, there’s gold in them thar columns and fields!

[Note: Thanks to Sergey Tkachenko at for his October 26 story that alerted me to this spreadsheet.]

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