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Station Drivers Provides Latest Realtek UAD Drivers ... and More

I’ve been a huge fan of the French device driver site Station Drivers for a decade or longer now. Ever since it appeared on the scene in 2004, it’s been my go-to source for new, preview and hard-to-find device drivers. I don’t know where or how the site operator or his many minions and collaborators obtain some of the drivers they make available. It’s not unusual to find stuff on this site 2 or 3 months earlier than the companies that publish the drivers make them generally available. In particular, I’ve observed of late that Station Drivers provides latest Realtek UAD drivers both quickly and reliably.

When I read about a new 8701 version for the Realtek UAD driver at TenForums, I knew right away where to look for it.
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Station Drivers Provides Latest Realtek UAD Drivers, Pronto!

While perusing the threads in the Sound and Audio forum at TenForums yesterday, I came across mention of a new 8701.1 driver version for the UAD Realtek drivers. The link was to a CAB file, which takes some interesting contortions to access for drive update. “Hmmm,” thought I to myself, “I bet the same driver is up and ready for download on Station Drivers.” Sure enough it was, with a special silo for Asrock (to match the motherboard on the target system, a Z170 Extreme7+ model). This came in the form of a ZIP file that I unpacked into a folder on a working drive. Once I pointed DevMgr’s update function at that folder, it found and installed the new driver with neither muss nor fuss. Here’s that driver info:

The Real Test Comes from Using The New Driver

Lots of users have reported audio issues with 1903 — especially unpleasant playback latency or spurious clicks, pops, hisses and drop-outs. So far, I’m experiencing none of those things with my new driver install. Seems like the newest UAD driver works nicely on my particular system. But, as with many device related experiences on Windows 10, YMMV. Nevertheless, Driver Station remains a great resource for obtaining drivers for most Windows 10 devices. I urge you to try it out for yourself, the next time you’re seeking drivers for your Win10 PCs. It’s a nonpareil, for sure.

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