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iCloud Issue Hampers 1809 User Proffer

OK, then. Another interesting tidbit about recent Windows 10 woes for the 1809 release has emerged.  As ZDNet reports, Apple has fixed a compatibility problem with iCloud. iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based storage solution. It lets  iDevice and iCloud users on PCs access,  exchange and synchronize files. That story is entitled “Microsoft lifts Windows 10 1809 block after Apple fixes iCloud for Windows.” It explains that iCloud for Windows version 7.7.027 “caused problems syncing Share Albums after users updated to Windows 10 1809.” That’s why Microsoft blocked the 1809 update offer for Windows users running iCloud until the fix came in. They also prevented 1809 users from installing iCloud likewise.  That’s why I say that an iCloud issue hampers 1809 user proffer (in such cases, at least).

Overcoming iCloud Issue Hampers 1809 User Proffer

Yesterday, Apple released iCloud for Windows 7.8.1. It addresses the 1809 compatibility issue. To take advantage of its capabilities, MS and Apple recommend that users first update iCloud. Only then should they upgrade their PCs to 1809. Here are the details on the recommended approach. They come from the November 27 entry on Microsoft’s Windows 10 update history page.

This is the info about iCloud that appeared on 11/17. This page is a handy source of useful info about release status and issues. Bookmark it!

Other Interesting 1809 Issues

While you’re visiting that update history page, it’s informative to check out other recent entries, too. The block dated 11/21/18 describes an Intel display driver issue. It attributes potential problems when “Intel inadvertently released versions of its display driver (versions, to OEMs that accidentally turned on unsupported features in Windows.” Ouch! The upshot could affect audio playback through a monitor or TV connected using HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB-C. A workaround is also documented.

Older items include F5 VPN client issues, drive mappings that fail to reconnect, Trend Micro OfficeScan and Worry-Free Business software, older AMD GPUs, and more. Definitely worth reading over, especially for those facing any or all of such issues.


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