Digital workspaces upgrade IT delivery, management benefits

Last updated:February 2019

Editor's note

Digital workspaces provide significant benefits to both IT professionals and users.

On the IT side, digital workspaces offer a comprehensive platform for managing most, if not all, of an organization's user resources, data and applications. Everything administrators need to deliver to users can be managed from one tool -- often via a cloud-based console.

Users can access these centralized corporate resources from a single sign-on point, making for a more simplified experience. Digital workspaces also give users endpoint and location flexibility whether they're on a mobile device or working remotely.

Read on to learn more about the technology, its latest features and the major players.

1Basics of digital workspaces

Digital workspaces have been around for a few years, yet many don't understand exactly what they are. That knowledge gap could cause organizations to lose out on major management and user experience benefits.

2Major digital workspace players

Two of the major players in the digital workspace market are Citrix and VMware. IT professionals deciding on a workspace should learn what each vendor has to offer.

3Latest digital workspace features

Each workspace management tool offers different methods and features for managing all of an organization's assets. VMware and Citrix have added new features while reworking and rebranding old ones, so it's critical that IT keep abreast of these changes.

4Smoother delivery and greater flexibility of digital workspaces

One of the unique aspects of digital workspaces is their flexibility. IT can provide users with the resources they need on various device types and across different locations while ensuring smoother delivery.

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