Apica introduces desktop application performance monitoring tool

Designed for Windows desktop applications, Apica's Desktop Application Check intends to increase visibility and boost desktop application monitoring capabilities.

Apica, a synthetic monitoring and performance testing software provider, introduced Desktop Application Check, which it intends to help users monitor, measure and execute scripts to ensure the performance and uptime of desktop applications.

According to Apica, variances in legacy application configuration, such as differing APIs and monitoring connections, make visibility and monitoring difficult. Legacy applications can also create monitoring black holes, where the user cannot see what goes in or out; Apica claims its application performance monitoring tool can close those monitoring black holes.

Desktop Application Check is built for Windows desktop nonweb applications. The monitoring system can check and record interfaces with keyboard, mouse and video.

Apica's Desktop Application Check can monitor performance across all applications and APIs, according to the vendor, with advanced scripting capabilities providing greater visibility into legacy application performance.

Apica Desktop Application Check features the following:

  • monitoring coverage for any Windows desktop application -- such as Citrix, thick clients, Oracle Forms and Java Web Start -- to ensure end-user and application design expectations are met;
  • performance monitoring over time to correlate performance to infrastructure load and then refine and develop the UX;
  • easy-to-use scripting to record and script the user journey on the desktop, editing and testing user scenarios;
  • ability to replay and measure live application performance and uptime; and
  • continuous intelligence to present results in interactive dashboards with graphs, trend reports and summaries that provide insight on application performance and availability.

Application performance monitoring tools such as Apica's are necessary to track an application's performance and identify potential problems that are negatively affecting performance -- and, ultimately, business and operations. Other application performance monitoring tools that may rival Apica include New Relic APM, AppDynamics and Dynatrace.

According to Forrester, global spend on application security solutions will grow 16%, from $2.8 billion in 2017 to $7.1 billion by 2023.  

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