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Netbooks are becoming increasingly popular with corporate workers and in the enterprise. Check out this guide for netbook trends, news and reviews.

Quick guide: Netbooks vs. notebooks | Trends and recent news | Netbook reviews


Several distinct characteristics define the netbook and differentiate it from a traditional notebook.

  Netbook Notebook
Price range $250-$500 $500-$1,000
Screen size 8.9-12.1 in. 13-17 in.
Keyboard size 80%-90% full size Full size
Weight 2.5-3.5 lb. 5.5-7.5 lb.
Battery Life 6-12 hours 2-4 hours

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PODCAST Notebooks vs. netbooks: Matching form with function
Learn more about the pros and cons of netbooks -- and how they compare to larger notebook PCs -- in this podcast by mobile expert Craig Mathias.


Find the latest news and information on netbooks in the enterprise and consumer spaces in this section.


Enterprises accept netbooks as worthy desktop devices
Some businesses have adopted netbooks as supplements to traditional PCs or laptop replacements -- but there are many others that have resisted.

Bring your own PC comes despite vexed IT pros
To the chagrin of IT pros, end users want to bring their own laptops, netbooks and other devices to work. Virtual desktop technology can help those companies willing to support non-standard computers.

Are netbooks on their way out?
Our expert had dismissed netbooks until he tried one. The devices fill a niche for travelers or children, but will they overcome limitations and earn enterprise adoption?

The future of netbooks in the enterprise
Use of netbooks is growing among corporate workers, but what does their future look like in the enterprise?

Desktop computing predictions for 2010
Our expert predicts that this will be the year of the first corporate deployments of netbooks.

Google Chrome likely a niche player in Windows enterprise
IT pros expect that the Google Chrome operating system, which is expected to launch later this year, will be a disruptive technology with a place in devices and netbooks.

Intel's Moblin raises stakes on netbook OS race
Intel's new Moblin OS gives business netbook buyers another non-Windows option besides Google Android.


Today's netbook market
The market for netbook computers has exploded since their inception in late 2007. Check out current and future netbook market trends, netbooks themselves, and the pros and cons of netbook ownership.


Not sure which netbook will best fit your lifestyle? Check out these reviews for the specifics of some of the most popular models.

MSI Computer Wind U135
Packed with the Intel Pine Trail platform, this netbook has increased battery life and performance compared with models using the previous Intel Atom chipset.
HP Mini 5102
In addition to having a great battery life and good durability, the new HP Mini 5102 can also be configured with a touchscreen for a tablet-like experience
Lenovo IdeaPad S12
One of the largest netbooks on the market, this 3.42-lb. machine is designed to let consumers easily surf the Internet and perform other light tasks on the go.
Acer Aspire One D250
Acer managed to strike gold in the middle of a global economic crisis, thanks to its affordable Acer Aspire One netbooks.
Samsung N120
The N120 has typical netbook specifications, but its lightweight, eye-catching design and long battery life make it stand out.
HP Mini 311
The HP Mini 311 uses Nvidia's Ion graphics for an unparalleled user experience. But can it overcome the limits of Intel's Atom processor?

Quick guide: Netbooks vs. notebooks | Trends and recent news | Netbook reviews

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