Department of Mental Health Taps Oracle Health EHR for Interoperability

The Oracle Health EHR implementation aims to enhance interoperability across the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s facilities and contracted agencies.

The Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) has announced a partnership with EHR vendor Oracle Health to implement an integrated EHR to advance interoperability.

The goal is to create an electronic platform that documents, communicates, and enhances the journey for DMH service recipients in state-operated programs and supports data exchange with contracted agencies and other organizations.

The EHR procurement process began in July 2021, with the Governor and State Legislature recognizing the need for a single EHR system across the department’s 15 state-operated psychiatric hospitals, habilitation centers, and home and community-based waiver programs.

Officials estimate implementation will take 24 months, with completion of the project expected in October 2025.

Iowa Hospital System Moves to Epic EHR to Enhance Data Access

Washington County Hospital and Clinics in Iowa is deploying an Epic EHR to drive access to health information.

Epic will consolidate the current WCHC medical record system into a single organizational-wide system that supports data exchange with other hospitals. The implementation will begin on November 11.

Moving to Epic is set to make accessing health data easier for patients, family members, and healthcare providers. Patients will have access to a patient portal, MyChart, where they can see medications, test results, upcoming appointments, medical bills, and more.

WCHC patients will be able to access personal health information from other local organizations, such as UI Health Care and Jefferson County Health Center, as well as other organizations that use Epic.

Endocrinology Clinic Boosts Collections With EHR Integrated Payment Solution

Southern Endocrinology Associates has reported an increase of more than 200 percent in collections from February to July 2023 using healow Payment Services integrated with its eClinicalWorks EHR.

The revenue collection solution integrates with the EHR and allows patients to pay their medical bills via text message, email, or online.

Southern Endocrinology Associates is a 12-provider endocrinology and diabetes provider in Texas with four clinics.

“healow Payment Services has all the features we need to automate our payment collections and reduce administrative burdens,” Prasad Dodda, practice manager at Southern Endocrinology Associates, said in a press release.

“Our patients appreciate the itemized billing statement and the option to pay their bill via text, email, or in their patient portal,” Dodda said. “And on the administrative side, since it integrates with our EHR, we can auto-post and easily process the statements, which reduces errors and saves us valuable time.”

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