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KLAS: Infection Control Health IT Streamlines Regulatory Reporting

Many Epic EHR customers are leaving their best-of-breed infection control health IT and moving to Epic Bugsy for regulatory reporting, the KLAS report found.

Healthcare organizations are looking to infection control health IT with strong technical support to help drive meaningful outcomes and optimize regulatory reporting, according to a KLAS report.

All five health IT vendors included in the KLAS report have significantly impacted respondents’ clinical, reporting, and patient outcomes. The most reported effect is easy reporting for regulatory agencies. Additionally, respondents for each vendor said that their solution helps decrease hospital-acquired infections year over year.  

Wolters Kluwer and Premier stood out for improving clinical workflows, compliance and quality reporting, and patient outcomes.

Wolters Kluwer customers were most likely to report that the product has needed functionality. Respondents also said strong customer guidance helps establish best practices.

While the report includes a limited number of Premier respondents, customers said the training program provides infection control experts who help organizations reduce hospital-acquired infections and create trusted reporting.

Customers of health IT vendor VigiLanz said that the customizable solution provides greater reporting accuracy and transparency. Respondents also noted the company’s proactive service.

Many Epic EHR customers are leaving their best-of-breed infection control solutions and moving to Epic Bugsy. Respondents pointed out that Epic Bugsy facilitates easy data aggregation for regulatory reporting.

While some customers have been frustrated with Epic Bugsy technology in the past, many are beginning to see improvements. Several respondents said the EHR vendor has listened to feedback in recent years and improved the solution’s usability, reporting, and dashboards.

However, some customers still feel the product has room for improvement, and 17 percent of respondents said they would not buy it again.

VigiLanz and Premier respondents are most optimistic about their vendor’s ability to provide support during future healthcare emergencies. VigiLanz respondents noted that the support team’s expertise allowed customers to customize the product during the COVID-19 pandemic quickly.

Customers of Premier (limited data) are also optimistic because of the support team’s expertise. Over the last year, customer satisfaction has increased for two reasons.

First, respondents said that the product is easier to use and allows direct data submission to NHSN. Customers also said they now have account managers who resolve issues faster.

Second, some of Premier’s least-satisfied customers have left for other solutions. Of the four respondents who plan to leave, two intend to implement a cheaper solution from their EHR vendor, despite their satisfaction with Premier. Overall, Premier respondents were the least likely to say the product is part of their long-term plans.

Epic respondents are satisfied with the solution’s capabilities, though many believe usability and functionality need to improve. Respondents also said they would like greater expertise and quicker support from Epic.

The most-satisfied respondents have strong internal technical support, allowing them to configure the solution better. Those who are least satisfied would like a more out-of-the-box solution, particularly for reporting.

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