ManageEngine Analytics Plus upgrades with AI assistant Zia

With Zia, IT teams can ask questions via voice or text to quickly access data and insight. Available with ManageEngine Analytics Plus, the AI intends to increase productivity.

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, integrated Zoho's AI assistant Zia into its IT analytics offerings, Analytics Plus. By integrating Zia with Analytics Plus, ManageEngine hopes to minimize manual data analysis and speed up IT operations processes.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus is a self-service software integrated with the vendor's IT service management and IT operations management suite of applications to bring actionable insights to IT teams.

Zia is a self-service, conversational AI assistant that interprets questions posed by text or voice and generates visualizations and offers suggestions. It can be trained to understand organization-specific terminology. Zia enables anyone to quickly access IT data, regardless of IT expertise, to analyze data and make decisions.

The vendor claims Zia will free up time for IT teams to focus on more complex or high-priority tasks, such as addressing network alarms or dealing with help desk incidents, and improving overall productivity.

Zia performs a variety of tasks:

  • KPI and report creation based on user questions;
  • keyword suggestion as users type or speak; and
  • continuous recent search analysis that enables Zia to learn and adapt to user requirements.

According to Harvard Business Review, AI and machine learning benefits IT teams aside from automating processes. Because AI can comb through vast amounts of data far faster than a human, incorporation of AI enables organizations to quickly and effectively detect anomalies, enable predictive analytics and find meaning in high volumes of data.

As of 2017, 36% of IT operations teams were actively using AI and machine learning technology, and 48% were exploring use cases for the technology.

In addition to Zia, ManageEngine Analytics Plus also introduced predictive analytics to enable service desk teams to act proactively instead of reactively to incidents. Analytics Plus' predictive algorithms enable users to anticipate outages or network failures, predict daily, weekly and monthly service desk ticket volumes, and plan workload and staff accordingly.

Service desk managers can also monitor technician and asset utilization in real time and anticipate security threats to plan patch deployment with the addition of predictive analytics.

While the Harvard Business Review states the largest challenges to AI and machine learning adoption is a lack of skilled data scientists, ManageEngine claims its AI upgrades are user-friendly for any member, from CTOs to support engineers to help desk managers.

Both Zia and predictive analytics are available now and included with ManageEngine Analytics Plus. The vendor offers a free 30-day trial of the analytics software and expects to expand Zia's capabilities to blend data and provide automated insights.

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