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Can you accurately measure SLA expectations and results?

Realistic SLA expectations rely on accurately defined criteria, properly set. Test your knowledge of SLA measurements and learn to tailor contracts that avoid costly consequences with this quiz.

If you don't understand IT requirements and capabilities, you could agree to doomed SLAs. Conversely, if you set SLA expectations at achievable levels that take into account business priorities, not only will IT avoid the penalties and performance reviews associated with a contract breach, but the organization will play a role in worker productivity and customer satisfaction.

This quiz on service-level agreement coverage is designed to showcase how the criteria used to set and measure SLA expectations has real consequences for IT operations. Can you spot the difference between pie-in-the-sky and reasonable uptime expectations? Will the contract's wording enable an organization to measure SLA metrics consistently and objectively? Should IT services be treated as one entity or classed by business priority?

Take this quiz for ideas on how to develop a service-level agreement or to turn a critical eye on how your organization measures IT performance in its existing SLA. There's always room for improvement.

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