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Is your shop compliant? Take our DevOps audit quiz to find out

Compliance is hard, even in a Waterfall environment. Bring in the speed of DevOps, and it can feel overwhelming. Take our quiz to see if your DevOps team is ready.

DevOps is a movement unapologetically committed to providing quality software -- code-named value -- to customers faster. Velocity is the name of the game, and DevOps is a way to meet that customer need in a reliable fashion.

But digital transformations aren't perfect, and it's tough to prepare everyone in the software development process for a radical change in how they work. Even hardcore DevOps supporters would agree that in their quest to forge pristine models of continuous delivery, they've left the idea of a DevOps audit in the dark.

If an organization files hundreds of changes to code every day, DevOps teams need standardized compliance controls and documentation practices. Automation in this area is essential, but organizations haven't always made it clear who's responsible for compliance between DevOps developers and auditors.

Thankfully, that's starting to change. Coming out of the DevOps Enterprise Forum, the recent love letter to auditors has started to change the conversation. DevOps isn't backing down from its core principle -- speed to market -- but it's ready to cross the bridge and bring auditors along to the new world.

What are they suggesting? How much responsibility will DevOps teams take in compliance? What do DevOps engineers -- and product teams -- have to do to uphold their end of the bargain and promise to DevOps audit?

Take the quiz -- based on the DevOps risk and controls matrix -- to see if you're ready for the new world of compliance DevOps.

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