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Last updated:February 2018

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Networking is on the cusp of transformation. A crop of new, and more advanced, technologies is now being introduced, allowing IT pros to set and meet major network management goals.

Many tech advances -- among them AI and machine learning--are being evaluated by organizations interested in applying them to the enterprise network. Analytics tools, meantime, are now beginning to help network pros make sense of the vast vats of data collected, while automation turns the knowledge gained into action by taking care of routine manual tasks and allowing personnel to focus on more complex functions. Most recently, there has been an increasing focus on concepts like software- and intent-based networking. What do these terms mean, exactly -- and what do they mean for the future of network monitoring and management?

The articles and stories below were selected to not just help network professionals learn about new ways to tackle old problems like visibility, but also to help them understand evolving challenges ahead. This essential guide on network management and monitoring helps network pros gain that critical edge required to meet 21st-century challenges and empowers them to meet their network management goals.

1Intensions redefine network management and monitoring

The advent of intent-based networking -- using automation and policies to tell the network what to do -- could dramatically redefine how enterprise teams reach their network management goals. Learn what intent-based networking can and cannot do and what steps you should take when considering it.

2New approaches to meeting network management goals

News about ways to improve the management and monitoring of corporate networks is everywhere and it can overwhelm even the most stalwart networking pro. This selection collects some of the most interesting and important news on key developments, from hyper-convergence to software-based networking.

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