Stateless offers software-defined interconnect platform

The new platform, Luxon, provides software control that replaces customized hardware and offers more configuration possibilities with new switch technology.

Stateless Inc. on Tuesday introduced Luxon, a software-defined interconnect platform promising to deliver low-cost and scalable connectivity for cloud-based applications.

Stateless said the new product is intended for organizations looking to create and manage interconnects to reach resources over networks. Luxon works with existing infrastructure assets and enable users to control and connect endpoints including portfolio data centers, tenant sites and hyper-scale clouds, according to the company.

Stateless claims its software-defined interconnect platform provides five times the number of interconnections while using 50% fewer resources compared with these other technologies. The company said Luxon could create interconnections quickly with less cost by eliminating the need for many devices and hardware in building infrastructure.

According to the company, Luxon's capabilities include:

  • Nearly infinite combinations of network services: Enables organizations to create unlimited groupings of individual network services for interconnections with any combination of security services, data encryption and routing.
  • Increased connectivity options: Enables easy integration into existing networks with more connection protocols.
  • Software control that replaces customized hardware: Offers more configuration possibilities with new switch technology.
  • Multi-tenant support: Allows enterprises and service providers to enable end users to manage their own interconnects.
  • Automation, visibility and control: Enables users to automate services including deployment, growth and failover, and provides users with access to all levels of the system.

The Colorado-based startup's competition includes Verizon, Cisco and Juniper Networks. In July, Verizon launched a software-defined interconnect service that enables organizations to establish a private IP connection with Equinix's Cloud Exchange Fabric. Cisco uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology for its data center managers and network managers. Juniper Networks was among nine vendors evaluated in Forrester's 40-criteria evaluation of data center hardware platforms for SDN.

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