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Test yourself on open networking, open source and SDN

The open networking concept follows the likes of SDN and open source, but the lines separating them all are often blurred. This quiz can help you understand the differences.

Open source software has been around for years, but as the benefits of interoperability and automation become more clear, the push toward what is now being called open networking has become more serious.

Open has many definitions and interpretations. Trying to understand the differences among the terms open source, open networking and, while we're at it, the principles behind software-defined networking, can lead to more confusion than clarity. They all hinge on the concept of being open, but their true meanings can vary based on users, vendors and the networking industry.

This quiz was designed to help you close the gap about what these terms mean in relation to networking. You'll go through eight questions ranging from the differences among SDN, open source and open networking to the benefits and challenges with open source. Once you've submitted the quiz, the answers include links to relevant articles for further research.

If you're open to learning opportunities on all things SDN, open source and open networking, continue on.

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