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Enterprise network management: Understanding the new IT landscape

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Networking managers nowadays are dealing with more than just monitoring basic technology as virtualization and cloud initiatives are evolving and making their way into the network environment. While this can be an intimidating realization for some, it is important to understand and prepare for the onslaught of these new technologies in the enterprise to ensure that network management and monitoring is executed successfully.

In this video on enterprise network management, Nemertes analyst Henry Svendblad discusses how virtualization, cloud services, enterprise IT initiatives, automation and service-based IT models are changing the organization of IT, as well as how services are delivered to the business. Along with the added benefits of these new developments in IT, such as heightened interconnectivity, Svendblad also touches upon current and potential challenges faced with these technologies. Additionally, this discussion focuses on how these changes affect IT's ability to view, control and manage network environments.

About the author
Henry Svendblad is a principal research analyst with Nemertes Research, where he conducts both primary benchmark research and custom research, advises vendor and enterprise clients, writes thought-leadership reports and delivers strategic seminars. A seasoned senior-level IT executive, Henry leads research on advanced carrier services with an emphasis on emerging trends, vendor management, business continuity/disaster recovery, security and cloud strategies.

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