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Thank You for Attending Symantec Vision 2012 in Las Vegas
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We would like to thank you for your interest in TechTarget IT Media at Symantec Vision 2012!  We hope you found the conference informative as well as entertaining.

This page is created exclusively for Symantec Vision attendees – here, you’ll find a wealth of information that truly emphasizes what TechTarget offers to both end-users and vendors alike.


TechTarget publishes websites with information for IT pros – each site specializing on a specific aspect of information technology. Our team of editors and independent experts write content that help solve problems and research purchases – with tactical, practical information. Here is a sampling of recently written content from our websites most relevant to Symantec Vision attendees.  


TechTarget events are built with a simple formula – IT pros want advice they can use right away, and they want information from sources they can trust. So our events feature only the best independent experts – presenters who are chosen based on their knowledge and their lack of vendor affiliation. Here is a short list of upcoming events that are of interest to Symantec Vision attendees.

  • Storage DecisionsChicago (June 19-20, 2012); New York (Sept 24-25, 2012); San Francisco (Nov 8, 2012) TechTarget Storage Media’s flagship event makes 3 stops across the country this year and once again aims to help storage pros address their most pressing storage needs.
  • Information Security Decisions – New York (May 15, 2012); Chicago (October 23, 2012) Brings together the information security industry’s leading experts to help you sort through today’s threat, risk and compliance landscapes .
  • BriForum 2012London (May 23-24, 2012) Chicago (July 24-26, 2012)
    The only technical event that is 100% dedicated to desktop virtualization, VDI, application virtualization, and Remote Desktop Services.
  • Desktop Virtualization 2012 (Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012)
    Brian Madden goes cross-country and explores the state of the desktop virtualization market in 2012.
  • The Consumerization of IT (Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012) Brian Madden leads a free, half-day seminar tackling the thorny issue of “BYOIT.”
  • Next-Gen Backup School (Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012)
    Experienced storage expert, Brien Posey, focuses on dedupe, cloud, and virtualization strategies that help IT pros conquer today’s toughest backup challenges
  • NEW FOR 2012! Solid-State Storage seminar - (Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012) Dennis Martin, a 30-year IT practitioner, takes a comprehensive look at one of today’s hottest IT technologies – Solid-State disk. Learn about key solid-state technologies, the specs that users need to know and various cost-effective implementation alternatives.
  • Disaster Recovery for the 21st Century(Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012) World-renowned DR guru, Jon Toigo, helps IT professionals develop a smart and cost-effective DR plan that adequately assures protection – and recovery – from any potential disaster.
  • Securing Your Network and Data for Anytime, Anywhere Access (Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012) Register for this exclusive event to discover why the choice between remote network access and security doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. Join noted author and top security consultant, Kevin Beaver, CISSP, as he explores this growing trend and offers proven tactics for addressing critical security concerns when supporting these new technologies, including security challenges presented by BYOD and cloud computing.
  • Building a Better Data CenterSan Francisco (September 13, 2012) This complimentary multi-track seminar series brings together IT pros from all functional areas and C-level executives to discuss next best steps for delivering applications, automating critical tasks, enhancing security, and defining cloud’s role in your organization.
  • Storage for Virtual Servers & Desktops (Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012) Howard Marks dives deep into the complexities that virtualization causes for storage and offers insight into new tools and technologies for creating a storage environment that truly reaps the full benefits promised by virtualized servers.
  • NEW FOR 2012! Cloud Storage seminar (Multiple Dates and Cities Throughout 2012) Join Marc Staimer as he demystifies the confusion surrounding cloud storage and then dive deep into evaluating and implementing cloud storage services in you IT infrastructure. 

And Award-Winning Online Publications

Storage Magazine Online

Industry-renowned, award-winning publication. After years of being a print publication, Storage magazine is now available exclusively ONLINE. Each issue of Storage Magazine Online is packed with fully illustrated, in-depth articles and features on the most relevant, groundbreaking and popular topics and technologies for professionals who manage storage networks. Featuring insights from the most highly-regarded experts in the industry, Storage Magazine Online is widely-considered the best magazine around for storage pros to get their most comprehensive info when addressing their critical needs. Our recent April 2012 issue highlights:

  • How to realize the economic benefits of cloud storage by integrating it into your current backup of DR operations
  • Best practices for managing storage in virtual server environments
  • Key features for meeting the challenges of big data
  • The impact of Thailand floods: Is there a disk drive shortage – or is it just vendors trying to justify price hikes?

Information Security Magazine Online

IT security pros turn to Information Security Magazine Online for the information they require to keep their corporate data, systems and assets secure. Being the monthly information partner of the IT professional charged with securing the enterprise, Information Security Magazine Online is the most authoritative source of in-depth coverage of security trends, technologies and practices.  Our recent May 2012 issue highlights:

  • How mobile device management systems help mitigate BYOD risks
  • Deploying DP systems: Four DLP best practices for success
  • BYOD risks: Start with a mobile security policy, experts say
  • Cybersecurity education vs. cybersecurity training
  • Security staffing: Why information security positions go unfilled

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