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Video: Third Party Script Application Security: Intrusion vs Detection

Credit card skimming has long been a challenge to security teams. From physical devices to online harvesting attacks such as form-jacking and script injection, hackers are continually evolving strategies to stay ahead of web protectors. The most recent and steadily increasing skimming approach takes advantage of partner and supply-chain third-party scripts present in applications. While traditional methods of blocking suspicious intrusion into apps remain valuable, massive breaches and increasing fines make it imperative to act now to prevent personally identifiable information theft.

Join this talk to understand:

  • The history and scale of Magecart attacks
  • How the rise of third-party scripts can increase vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of script compromises and mitigation approaches
  • Attributes of an effective Magecart protection service
  • Tips for analysing your third-party script situation

Our presenter is Jason Hatch, Senior Director, Security & Performance Product Management, Akamai Technologies, APJ.

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