1) On the Internet, jolt is a denial of service (DoS) attack caused by a very large ICMP packet that is fragmented in such a way that the targeted machine is unable to reassemble it for use. Typically, the machine receiving a jolt packet will freeze up and need to be rebooted. If you are running Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0, you should install a patch to prevent jolt attacks.

2) Jolt, an American soft drink that contains the equivalent of two cups of coffee, has a following with programmers, college students, Internet surfers, and anyone else who needs to keep awake in the late night or early morning hours. One of our contributors describes it as "the fuel on which the Internet is run." A typical can or bottle of Jolt contains about twice the amount of caffeine as Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola.

Yahoo lists a number of Web sites created by Jolt devotees.

This was last updated in April 2005

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