Editor's note

Cyberthreats are spreading fast and growing more damaging to business systems and data. This guide gathers TechTarget's latest insights and advice on the subject of cyber vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them. It's intended to aid information security professionals by bringing them up to date on the cyberattacks they must prepare for now. Topics covered include nation-state cyberattacks and NSA spyware.

Understanding the source of possible threats to company's networks, data centers and other enterprise resources is step one. Infosec pros must also get a handle on their particular enterprise's key cyber vulnerabilities. With this information, they can then assess the promise of available countermeasures.

1Other nations' governments are a growing cyberthreat

Nation-states used to go to war; now the battle is often waged via the internet. But although the conflict is virtual, the stakes are very real. Learn about the cyber vulnerabilities that state-sponsored hackers seek to exploit. This section gathers the insights from major experts on the threat that nation-state cyberattacks pose to companies now and what infosec pros can do about them.

2NSA: Threat source or cyberattack victim?

The U.S. National Security Agency is the government department responsible for collecting information on foreign entities and protecting American communications networks and information services. This usually low-profile agency found itself in newspaper headlines lately both for being the victim of a breach and as the source of spyware used on Americans. Read more here about the cyber vulnerabilities this NSA spyware created.