Mobile endpoint security: What enterprise infosec pros must know now

Last updated:May 2017

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Managing issues of endpoint security involving employee-owned mobile devices is a key part of the security professional's job description. Not only must corporate data and networks be protected from hackers targeting enterprise systems; mobile endpoints now, too, must be defended. There's nothing obvious or easy about the mobile endpoint security challenge. This era of mobile workers using multiple devices has expanded the attack surface for hackers; meanwhile, the IT department's ability to control employee-owned endpoints has gotten increasingly complex. This guide looks at all aspects of the mobile challenge for enterprise security and offers up various approaches IT pros can take, from strategy to tools and training. It looks, too, toward the future to outline the likeliest challenges ahead when it comes to mobile device security. 

1The tools to battle the threats that mobile endpoints invite

When the mobile era dawned, so did the new age of mobile security threats. But with the proper tools and training, enterprise assets can be defended. Here's your guide to what tools exist and what training enterprise employees need to help keep company data and networks secure.

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