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February 2020, Vol. 21, No. 1

Fresh thinking on cybersecurity threats for 2020

Metaphors may be cheesy, but often they make total sense, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. For example, when eye doctors say someone has 20/20 vision, the person's vision isn't perfect, but it's enough to see an object from a distance of 20 feet. A cybersecurity program doesn't need to be perfect either. It needs to be sufficient enough to protect an organization's unique data and assets from cybersecurity threats. Not that cyberthreats are anything to be glib about. A 2019 research study by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IBM Security, estimated the average cost of a security incident at $3.92 million globally, and more than double that -- $8.19 million -- in the United States. (See "Data breach costs hit hard; where are you most vulnerable?" in this issue, for more.) But the same study also found incident costs can be significantly reduced through quick identification and containment. Visibility is everything -- to drag the eye doctor metaphor out even more. It's wise to keep an eye (sorry) on new vendor ...

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