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February 2020, Vol. 21, No. 1

Cisco CISO says today's enterprise must take chances

As leader of its information security and trust organization, Cisco CISO Steve Martino positions himself at the intersection of the company's IT and business interests. Unlike some cybersecurity executives of the old school -- gatekeepers focused on guarding against outside threats, at any cost -- Martino said he aims to more closely align Cisco's security stance with its corporate strategy. He wants to manage rather than eliminate vulnerabilities, he explained, in proportion to the organization's tolerance for risk and appetite for reward. In Martino's view, an enterprise's security policies should complement, rather than frustrate, its business objectives -- balancing competing interests and priorities in a way that ultimately best serves the organization. In today's competitive market landscape, he added, companies need to take chances if they want to succeed, while still protecting themselves and their customers. Information Security spoke with Martino to learn more about his work at Cisco and how he views the evolving role ...

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