Trustwave security platform provides visibility, control

Trustwave Fusion is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform designed with the goal of giving users better insight into how security resources are provided and monitored.

Trustwave has launched Trustwave Fusion -- a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that aims to connect enterprises and government agencies to a security cloud comprising the Trustwave data lake, Trustwave SpiderLabs, advanced analytics, actionable threat intelligence and a range of security services and products.

According to Trustwave, the platform gives security teams visibility into threats, and technologies and access to Trustwave experts to help protect assets and eliminate issues as they arise. Additionally, the platform is available in an application for computers, tables and mobile phones. It uses security orchestration, automation and response layers to incorporate advanced analytics, machine learning and automation to improve response time, incident accuracy and actions.

Cloud-based cybersecurity is a growing market, with Gartner estimating it to be worth $9 billion by 2020. The lower cost of cloud-based security appeals to those with limited budgets, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Other draws include the always-on availability of the services and the increased agility that cloud-based systems afford.

Key features of Fusion include the following items:

  • Visibility and centralized control: Fusion gives users a dashboard to serve as a central point to track security events, respond to alerts and manage a range of services, including threat detection and response, vulnerability testing and scanning, penetration testing, security technology management and more. The dashboard also links users directly to Trustwave SpiderLabs, which provides on-demand access to threat hunters, forensic investigators, ethical hackers, researchers and other Trustwave security specialists.
  • Support for multi-cloud and diverse environments: Trustwave Fusion works to protect data and assets in any environment or mix of environments, including on premises, public clouds, private clouds and security-focused clouds hosted by vendors.
  • Access to threat intelligence: Trustwave Security Operation Centers and Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center identify, collect and track vulnerabilities, malware and adversary tactics. This information is then shared to Trustwave database and email security products and managed security services in an effort to ensure clients are up to date with the threat landscape.
  • Support for third-party data and products: Trustwave Fusion integrates data lakes, threat intelligence and technology actions from third-party sources into a customer's environment. According to Trustwave, this enables organizations to customize security programs based on industry, assets and risk.
  • Hybrid security operations: The platform uses APIs and information technology infrastructure library-based service management to connect environments and tear down walls between Trustwave Managed Security Services, security testing services and a customer's Security Operation Center.

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