Practice Certified Ethical Hacker exam questions

Preparing for your Certified Ethical Hacker certification? Assess your knowledge of topics on the CEH exam with these practice test questions.

Matt Walker, author of CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exams, Fourth Edition, published by McGraw Hill, warned readers in the book introduction, "CEH didn't gain the reputation and value it has by being easy to attain."

The EC-Council's CEH is on the Department of Defense's list of certifications suitable for Directive 8570 under DoDD 8140, which mandates certification for government employees who conduct information assurance tasks. As such, CEH has become one of the top certifications for technicians, Walker wrote.

The four-hour, 125-question "marathon," as Walker called it, puts potential certification holders to the test. But, for those who put their mind to it and do well on the exam, he said it's a meaningful addition to any security pro's skill set, resume and email signature line.

Walker offered another note of caution to test takers, one which he reiterated in a recent interview with SearchSecurity: "If you want to pass this exam and have the respect and benefits that come along with holding the certification, then you damn well better know how to do the job."

Memorization is not your friend, he said. Candidates should take the time to absorb the necessary knowledge to truly get the most possible out of the CEH exam and certification. The practice exam book shouldn't be your first step, either, he added. Networking, finding an infosec mentor and self-studying (Walker's CEH guide is also available from McGraw Hill) are all important steps in the process.

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Once you're done studying -- or if you're looking to assess your knowledge before studying to learn which topics you need to focus on a little further -- try your hand at these practice CEH questions taken from Chapter 10 of Walker's book. Download a copy of Chapter 10 for more questions.

Good luck!

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