9 wireless questions for Cisco's CCT, CCNA exams

Those looking to pass the Cisco CCT and CCNA certification exams will need to understand how wireless networking works. This practice quiz covers the basics of wireless networking.

Wireless network technology is a billion-dollar market set to explode over the next few years. If you're looking to earn a career in networking, you'll want to know how to configure a wireless network.

In February 2020, Cisco updated the exams for two of its certification paths -- Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) -- and both tracks now incorporate more wireless network questions.

Industry trends highlight the demand for wireless devices, and organizations are investing more to accommodate them. For example, IDC recently reported that the global market for enterprise wireless LANs (WLANs) grew 25% during the first quarter of 2021. Likewise, as the market for WLANs increases, Wi-Fi 6 is also experiencing wide adoption across enterprises.

While wired connectivity remains the primary method for enterprises to connect devices together in enterprise networks, enterprises are spending more on wireless technology, according to a separate IDC report. This growth indicates the need for teams capable of managing the architectures.

Book cover of Glen Clarke's 'CCT/CCNA Routing and Switching All-in-One Exam Guide (Exams 100-490 & 200-301)'Click here to learn more about
the book.

CCT and CCNA test-takers can use McGraw Hill Education's CCT/CCNA Routing and Switching All-in-One Exam Guide (Exams 100-490 & 200-301), a guidebook written by Glen Clarke and Richard Deal, to prepare for their exams. Chapter 15, "Wireless Networking," specifically focuses on wireless and covers what will be on the exams.

Below is a practice test consisting of CCT and CCNA wireless questions taken from Chapter 15. After reviewing the chapter, test your understanding of the concepts. Then, read Clarke's insight on what test-takers should keep in mind when studying for their certification exams.

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