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April 2017, Vol. 16, No. 2

Essential elements of copy data management

Despite all the hype around concepts such as the internet of things and big data analytics, the practical application of such ideas has yet to truly materialize. I know, this seems to throw shade on all those top-secret algorithms developed by Facebook or Twitter or Amazon and others that collect information on consumer behavior, locational data, catalog browsing records and so on. Leveraging that information allows the vendor to perform interesting marketing tasks, such as upsell. I get that. But to my way of thinking, the success of these applications -- measured in terms of greater brand recognition and improved sales -- isn't that important in the long term. I want more. What I want (and we'll get to this later) is copy data management. The late Ziya Aral, former chairman and chief scientist for DataCore Software who passed away earlier this year, certainly sought to make his company prosperous with the technology he built. But he also wanted to accomplish something more meaningful, something he called computer science. A ...

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