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October 2017, Vol. 16, No. 8

A long hot summer for the enterprise storage market

In case you aren't up on your William Faulkner or Tennessee Williams, do yourself a favor and check out the 1958 film The Long, Hot Summer on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix or your local cable provider. Not only is it a couple of hours of great entertainment, but you'll also get insights into this month's column. Filmed in Clinton, La., the story centers on a difficult decision that a family patriarch (Orson Welles) must make between his son (Tony Franciosa) and an aggressive interloper (Paul Newman) about the future of the family plantation. The movie ends up being a fairly good metaphor for the enterprise storage market today. This came to me during a delightful lunch with Leigh Grainger, public relations manager at Spectra Logic, and her husband, Brian, chief sales officer for Spectra, at a rustic Florida fish place in late July. Leigh, who hails from Louisiana, has never completely exorcised the lilt -- the sonic equivalent of a weeping willow tree resting lazily on the shoreline of an alligator bayou on a humid August ...

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