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August 2018, Vol. 17, No. 5

How NVMe technology will rock the enterprise storage boat

Nonvolatile memory express represents one of the biggest changes to the way storage devices connect to servers in years. The flash storage protocol puts storage closer to the CPU, reducing latency and increasing the number of parallel sessions that can be in play to a single storage device. NVMe over Fabrics, meanwhile, aims to do what Fibre Channel did for SCSI by creating a high-speed network for accessing shared storage that retains the benefits of centralization The question is: How will enterprises adopt NVMe flash storage, and how can we expect it to work with existing technology? In other words, how much will the adoption of NVMe technology rock the enterprise boat? Let's find out. NVMe technology primer NVMe is a protocol, like SAS or SATA, that defines how a server's processor communicates with persistent storage. Traditional SAS and SATA hard drives and solid-state drives connect to servers either through internal controllers or external host bus adaptors (HBAs) that attach to the PCIe bus. NVMe devices connect ...

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