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August 2018, Vol. 17, No. 5

Catch the next wave of digital IT transformation: Learning tech

With the rise of the digital economy, businesses are redefining themselves in part or wholly as software companies. While IT has been part of business for decades, its role has changed. Data and technology are now core elements of modern business strategy. New digital initiatives, often categorized as digital transformation, aren't simply about using data to run your business. You're already doing that. Digital IT transformation is about using data and IT services to gain a competitive advantage. For instance, you can use analytics to become more efficient, to better understand your customers or to create digital products and services that open new revenue streams. The critical component of digital IT transformation is the deployment of emergent transformational workloads, such as business intelligence and analytics, or software that collects data at the edge of the enterprise as part of internet of things initiatives. These workload categories are transformational and will continue to grow. But learning technologies, such as ...

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