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December 2017, Vol. 16, No. 10

Is Caringo leading the next wave in object-level storage?

I recently received a briefing from Adrian Herrera, vice president of marketing, and Tony Barbagallo, vice president of product at Caringo Inc., an Austin, Texas, cloud and object storage platform vendor. Caringo's latest innovation consists of technologies bridging its proprietary object-level storage system to Microsoft Azure's Blob storage. This move will facilitate and simplify cross-platform data movement and might be a watershed moment in the object storage movement. First, some backstory. I've been tracking Caringo since it was "a smile on mommy's face that daddy didn't understand." Back in 2005, founders Paul Carpentier, Jonathan Ring and Mark Goros were seeking to make content-addressed storage (CAS) a household name. Their CAStor product built out ideas and software created at FilePool in Belgium, where Carpentier worked before EMC bought that company. EMC used the FilePool controller and early-generation CAS software to create some mindshare around content-addressed storage, which it branded with its Centera product. ...

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