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March 2017, Vol. 16, No. 1

Storage plays catch-up with DevOps environment

The term DevOps, a contraction of development and operations, represents a new way of working to deliver enterprise applications using Agile development methodologies. DevOps transfers responsibility for some of the operational functions of IT to development teams, allowing them to create, develop, amend and deploy applications in a rapid fashion, typically without need for any interaction with the operations teams. To deliver an Agile or DevOps environment, the way in which resources, including storage, are consumed and deployed changes to a more cloud-focused approach. DevOps development depends on the agility of the IT infrastructure to deliver resources for creating and deploying applications as needed. So developers expect certain features from a DevOps infrastructure that are different from the way the developer community worked in the past. Typically, these differences include the following: On-demand availability of resources: infrastructure resources available on demand for consumption when required in the development ...

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