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March 2017, Vol. 16, No. 1

Classification of data can solve your data storage problems

What's the holy grail of enterprise storage? The single "thing" that affects every bit of hardware and software that hooks into data center storage? The discovery of the end-all and be-all of not just "storagedom" but the entire IT realm and all the business processes continually gobbling up and spitting data out? Hyper-converged infrastructure, you say? Interesting, but that could be considered mostly a reshuffling of the data center deck chairs. How about software-defined storage (SDS)? No, SDS really looks more like a shift in focus that de-emphasizes hardware than anything weightier than that (and it's still mostly sold by hardware vendors -- go figure). Cloud storage? Nah, that's just another place to put your data. What about object storage, the current darling of the array set? You're getting warmer, because one of the coolest things about object storage is its ability to support extended metadata, and metadata is the underpinning of the classification of data, which is -- indeed -- the elusive holy grail of storage. Data...

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