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March 2017, Vol. 16, No. 1

A cure for secondary data storage services blues

All large companies run secondary data storage services such as data protection applications for backup, disaster recovery and archiving. Many also deploy copy data management to allow a single "gold" copy of a piece of data to support multiple secondary use cases (e.g., application development and testing, business analytics, data protection and so on). Object storage uptake, in the meantime, has rapidly increased, converging with CDM to provide petabyte-scale storage for capacity-intensive applications such as content repositories and content sharing in geographically distributed environments. These secondary data storage platforms typically offer mature data services for copying, compressing, migrating and retrieving data, but most enterprises face challenges when it comes to efficiently aligning data services with user-centric storage requirements. Efficient storage management is usually impeded by the inability to fully automate service-level agreement (SLA) compliance, the need to manage secondary data using different ...

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